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At the manufacturer's cost, you could buy a TM Atlant freezer within the Atlant labeled web store, which markets family devices of the brand. ATLANT CJSC is a Minsk company which produces refrigeration equipment.

The very first freezer was released in 1962. The initial 2-chamber family fridge in the USSR was produced and developed in Minsk. You can invest in a fridge from 50 plus versions. The high degree of refrigeration technology has been obtained via the creation of highly efficient compressors. Their use has increased

electricity performance of freezing items. Every single given system is analyzed for agreement with Western specifications. ATLANT refrigerators are set up in the kitchen in 25 nations around the globe.


Fridges TM Atlant are an excellent buy due to their remarkable affordability, convenience and quality. The producer has done every thing easy to meet the requirements of the most challenging buyer. The organization is consistently presenting progressive technology to generate equipment that could conserve the nutritional, freshness and taste value of items for many years.

Chillers can be bought in 1- as well as two-area, with 1-2 compressors. The location of the freezer compartment within a 2-compartment refrigerator may be leading or base. The lower situation of your fridge helps to make the fridge a lot more ergonomic and offers even cooling down. The shelving are situated at eye level, which happens to be extremely handy. Top-freezer refrigerators are lightweight but in addition roomy.

Fridges have modern day cooling down techniques - Refreshing (drip) and No Frost. "Know Frost" can be a air conditioning that provides forced air circulation and helps prevent frost from developing inside the family fridge. All designs have A category, the energy efficiency index will not surpass 42Percent.

Stylish design and style lets you harmoniously squeeze into any internal. Chillers can be bought in a variety of hues.


The labeled web shop ATLANT - UKRAINE is the only formal representative of the brand in the nation, which allows you to be certain of your high quality and credibility of your bought equipment. The introduced types have the ability to meet a variety of financial demands. They may be recognized by their relatively low priced pertaining to their Western competitors.

It is possible to purchase the model you want: just order in the catalog from an online seller, or call the consultants. The online retailer will supply products to the area of Ukraine into two - 4 times.


Every freezer has a 3-12 months recognized manufacturer's guarantee. Soon after-sales support is done by Assistance Facilities offered in all areas in Ukraine. The whole range of warranty services (and spares) is supplied free of cost.

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